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Auto Body Dent Repair

Small fender-benders are always better than high-speed collisions, but the dings and dents they leave behind are certainly still undesirable. There are a lot of ways to put a dent in your car. Backing up a little too far, a game of backyard baseball gone wrong, or that dreaded car door that opened into yours, there's only one trusted reliable way to fix them—auto body dent repair through Reeley's Body Shop.

At Reeley's, our auto body professionals are experts at quickly fixing dents in vehicles so they look brand new again. Listed below are the auto body dent repair services we offer to bring a dented vehicle back to pristine condition.

Paintless Dent Repair

For most dents, paintless dent repair is a preferred option. If the paint covering the surface area of the dent has not been chipped or broken (even in cases where the dent is a little deep, the paint may be fine), then our paintless dent repair services can quickly and cheaply fix the dent without having to apply a drop of paint. 

For dents ranging from hail damage to creases in the vehicle, paintless dent repair can pull out the dent and leave you with a smooth and polished, dent-free surface. Best of all, it's quick and affordable. 

Repairing Dents Where the Paint Has Been Damaged

If the dent in your vehicle is extensive enough that the paint job has been damaged, don't dismay. At Reeley's Body Shop, our cutting-edge processes and expert staff can quickly and affordably repair dents no matter how significant they are, and if paint repair is necessary, we always strive to find paint that is the perfect match to your vehicle's factory paint job

After the dent has been smoothed out and the damaged paint has been repaired, no evidence of the dent will remain. We guarantee it! 

The Best Auto Body Dent Repair Service Around

At Reeley's Body Shop, located West Columbia, SC we take pride in being the highest-quality, timely, and most affordable dent repair service in the area. If you need professional dent repair, we invite you to contact us for an estimate today.


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I can't say enough positive things about Reeley's! It's no fun to have your car in the shop, but they were a pleasure to work with. I was sent to Reeley's through State Farm. Their customer service is exceptional - every person I spoke to and worked with was extremely nice and went out of their way to help. From giving me a ride when the rental car company "forgot" to pick me up, to constant status updates to letting me pick my car up after they were technically closed - these guys are rock stars. They've definitely made a customer out of me!

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