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As a vehicle owner, you should know that almost all insurance companies today have what are referred to as “DRP” or Direct Repair Programs.

While we accept and work with ALL insurance companies, we will also manage your claim in a way that protects your interests. We will make sure you receive a high-quality repair that’s safe, and protects the resale value of your car.

What's True and What's Not True

  • The choice is yours – it’s your vehicle and you may choose any body shop and that’s the law
  • By law, insurance companies cannot pressure you to have repairs done at a specific shop
  • We can write the estimate and meet with the adjuster at our facility to determine the best repair plan for your vehicle
  • We provide a Lifetime Warranty on all collision repairs
  • We work with major rental car companies directly and can setup your rental vehicle
  • We work on YOUR behalf and manage the repair process for you
  • We repair your vehicle according to manufacturer standards and specifications
  • That shop is not a “preferred shop”
  • You may have to pay more if you choose a shop not recommended by them
  • You need more than 1 estimate and must wait for an adjuster to evaluate before choosing a body shop
  • You only receive a lifetime warranty from “preferred shops”
  • You can’t get a rental vehicle until an adjuster evaluates your vehicle
  • It will be easier and more convenient to go to a “preferred shop”
  • The charges at that shop are higher
  • Manufacturer’s warranty will be void if you don’t use a “preferred shop”

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Client Reviews

What a great experience. My insurance sent me to Reeley's for some damage on my car. It was a great experience. They were extremely friendly and streamlined the process between my insurance and my rental car. I received texts daily to Jerome abreast of the work being done. They were available for questioning. The job looks great! I would recommend!

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Jaime C.